Notes From the Field





Is this then your dominion? There is no

dominion. Dust covers my footprints


Have you no light? I live between lamp posts. 

Two shadows lie at my feet.  Do you


think about your…? My thoughts are tethered and

taut in the pull.  The rat and owl know not my plight.


May I help you to…? Without water my people will die.

Are you able to…?  I can loosen my grip. Thistle


gives seed to the wind.  Could you

be more…?  I am…I am.





What do you do when nothing…?

I ride through the night.  My black stallion is a gentle wind.


Where do you…?  We move seawards in silence. 

What sea runs …?  There is only one.  It has no end.


We breathe in the swells. Could you

be more…?  I am.





Is your God…?  I have no God.  We pray for rain. 

Then you…?  I have no God.