Bombs Don’t Fall                                                                                                                          

            And King Solomon gave to the Queen of Sheba

                    all her desire, whatsoever she asked


A dog was barking in the early hours.

Who knows what you were dreaming.

I held your head between my hands

and heard a distant lute, 

a desert drum and tambourine.

I was dreaming, too. 

And in my dream I kept you whole— 

spare parts, rivets, glue.

First comes the flash, then the thunder.

Try to wake before the thunder!

I shook your body till pieces flew

and woke, myself, before the dawn. 

The wind was ever from the north.

It made the tent cords whine.

I put on a scarf and worn out shoes

and walked, a queen, into the night

against the wind and wind-borne sand

bearing a gift for Solomon.